Media review: “Supermodel” by Foster the People

Geoff Burns and Geoff Burns

“Supermodel” is nothing more than a transition of sound for Foster the People, but it works.

Frontman Mark Foster said he wanted the band’s second album to sound fresh if one were to listen to it in 50 years. Although that might seem like a stretch, the point is clear.

The biggest stand out on the album is “Fire Escape.” Although it has no resemblance at all to “Torches,” the soft acoustic guitar fingerpicking with Mark Foster’s darker lyrics to coincide demonstrate the perfect attempt in getting to that sound that will define who Foster the People are with their next album.

But with the opening track “Are You What You Want To Be?” it’s obvious why people fell in love with the band in the first place because of its all-around catchiness and that sense of indie-electronic feel throughout the entire song.

The main point about Foster the People and “Supermodel” is that it’s not an album that should be brushed off because of the boring and uncreative single “Coming of Age.” It’s a piece of art that should be respected not because of it serving as a brilliant album, because it isn’t, but for how the band took a chance in starting the process of establishing their definitive sound.

Even more importantly, you have to remember this is only Foster the People’s second album. Although the amount of success the band has had with “Torches” could lead you to forget they are still young as a band, they still have development to make with their sound. “Supermodel” is the next stepping point for this band and it needs to have respect from the fans and other critics.

But to be fair, if this is truly a step for Foster the People in trying to find that certain sound, a different song from “Supermodel” should have been chosen rather than “Coming of Age.” That is only to say that “Coming of Age” just doesn’t groove like it should. It might give fans a different vibe from the record and a misinterpretation of the capability the entire rest of the album has.

“Supermodel” is a transitional period from Foster the People’s first album “Torches” and people should be more than excited for the band’s third album. It will be at that time in the band’s career where people can officially say Foster the People have finally established that permanent sound.