Media Reviews: “Pop Psychology” by Neon Trees

Taylor Hobson and Taylor Hobson

Grade: A-

“Pop Psychology” is Neon Trees’ newest album.

The April 22 release is the band’s third studio album, containing their newest hit, “Sleeping with a Friend.” It’s easy to see why this song is becoming so popular, containing great lyrics such as, “All my friends stay up past midnight/Looking for the thing to fill the void/I don’t go out much like I used to/Something ‘bout the strangers and the noise.”

The great beats match the lyrics as well, overall making it an extremely catchy song.

Neon Trees formed in 2005 in Provo, Utah, and are under the alternative rock/pop rock genre. This band wasn’t fully discovered until 2008, though. They were later signed by Mercury Records and soon after released their first album “Habits,” in 2010.

Their single “Animal” hit No. 13 on the charts and since then they have only become more and more popular throughout the years. “Pop Psychology” is further proof that this band is here to stay in the music world, and they have the talent to prove it.

The album starts off with the song “Love in the 21st Century,” a really upbeat song that instantly catches the listeners attention. With lyrics such as, “I guess it’s love in the 21st century/oh, oh it’s tough/broken heart technology.”

It talks about how relationships are so different now than they were years ago, a topic many people take to and have an opinion on. This makes it very versatile and should make just about anyone give it a listen. There are other great songs on this album such as, “Teenager In Love,” “First Things First” and many others.

“Pop Psychology” is Neon Tree’s strongest work yet. There’s a song or two for everyone to listen to on this album. Whether you’re a fan of the alternative/pop genre or not, give the album a listen. You might surprise yourself and find something that you really enjoy.