Change is good, healthy

Abigail Kruse and Abigail Kruse

Sometimes you just need a change. Though spring has finally decided to join us, I’ve had a real case of the winter blahs.

I imagine I am not the only one. One of the best cures I have found is trying something new.

On March 23, I went to a different church than I have been attending for the past year and a half. I have been wanting to do so, simply to see what else is out there in terms of religion. I made my way to First United Methodist Church. I had been there only once before.

The physical differences between a Catholic church and one of any other denomination can be difficult to spot. One, however, is the giveaway— a crucifix. Catholic churches have a crucifix, while the vast majority of Protestant churches use a plain cross. Such was the case in this church. But that was not the only difference.

What I found most remarkable was the baptism during the service. Here I saw things I have never seen in Catholic baptisms, which typically take place after Sunday mass. A couple brought up their baby girl to be baptized as the pastor invited the little ones in the congregation up closer so they could see what was happening.

Another thing that stuck out was the use of the phrase “and also with you” as a response from the congregation. Those words were familiar, though not ones I had used for almost three years. In late 2011, the Revised Roman Missal came along and changed the language of the mass to more closely reflect the original Latin. Our “and also with you” had been changed to the clunky and cumbersome “and with your spirit.” The phrase was comforting in its familiarity, and so nice to say.

Of course, if I was a regular member of this church, it would lose its novelty. And there are traditions I would miss, like the rosary and all the feast days. None of this is to say that I plan to switch churches, or that I definitely want to stay in my own. The truth is that I don’t know, but I am grateful that I got the refreshing chance to explore.

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