Bowling Green Hotspots Series: Blo

Blake Howell and Blake Howell

It hasn’t even been a year since Blo made its debut in Bowling Green, but in that time, there have been few other businesses in the area that can help someone relax as well as Blo does.

Located at 300 E. Wooster, Blo is a new hookah bar that offers great food, great hookah and great drink specials. I have been to Blo admittedly, only a handful of times. That said, every time I have had the pleasure of stepping through the doors, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When one walks in, they are promptly greeted and seated by a server. Believe me when I say that a bad seat does not exist inside of Blo.

The building is packed tight with comfy couches and lounging chairs, making ample room for people to enjoy the company of their closest friends, as well as other great people just trying to relax. Flat screens cover both sides of the walls and each TV has its own remote which allows for each group to make their experience as personal to their own needs as possible.

The bar also serves several craft beers, numerous liquors and even food. However, aside from the great drinks, food and the top-notch hookah, the atmosphere of Blo is simply to die for. As I sat in the bar with my head tilted back and swaying to the greatest sounds of the ‘90s, I peered through the endless haze and blue overhead lighting to see the tranquil smiles and laughter of my fellow peers.

Whether during the summer when there’s nothing to do, or when classes are in session and I just need to relax, Blo is the only place to go where people can simultaneously expel ice-cold smoke and all their problems, becoming weightless in a venue of smoky stillness.