College students always busy

Over the past two weeks since the semester ended, I’ve realized a few things.

One of these things is how adapting to one kind of lifestyle after living a certain way for most of this year is difficult.

See, while I’m at the University, I work two jobs, have classes and have to take care of myself while making sure homework gets done and I still sleep so I don’t feel like death.

My life gets a little hectic and I know it. I love the sense of constantly going, knowing when it’s all said and done, I’ll have a lot to show for it.

But, when the semester is done, my lifestyle changes.

No longer am I stressed because I can’t seem to get that paper done or I keep putting off smaller things, but instead, I’m able to relax and do things I normally wouldn’t be able to do if I were still in school, like read and watch movies.

It’s even worse when I go from working close to 40 hours a week to not having work at all.

Not only is this a loss of time spent earning a paycheck, but also something hard to adjust to when you’re used to making your own ends meet.

While I am kicking myself for not working the instant I got home, I’ve enjoyed the last two weeks relearning how it feels to sit at home and read or watch TV.

As college students, our lives are constantly going, no matter what time of the year it is.

Take time and enjoy the small things, even if you’re in summer classes or spending the summer working. Or both —don’t drive yourself insane.

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