Wendy’s re-opens with high sales after renovations

Wendy’s on South Main Street reopened Feb. 17 after two months of renovations.

In its first week after reopening, the location beat several of its previous sales records, said co-manager Becky Grey. Holding fundraisers for local organizations in its first days back open helped to drive sales.

Thursday was a fundraising day for Otsego Marching Band. Grey said that hourly and daily sales records were beaten on Thursday and the weekly sales record has been broken as well.

The Wendy’s of Northwest Ohio franchise office declined to provide specific sales numbers.

“It kind of has a more modern and fresher look,” said Kate Edwards, general manager.

The previous look was a retro 1960s or 70s style, said crew member Derek DeWalt.

Interior renovations included installing an electric fireplace and getting new furniture, DeWalt said.

“It just seems like a more homey environment [now],” DeWalt said.

Customers seem to agree.

“It’s very inviting,” said Molly Fenn, a Bowling Green resident.

Fenn also described the new look as organic and modern.

University graduate and Bowling Green resident Amber Boyer said that having Wi-Fi available makes the location more inviting to students. She found some of the other renovations more unexpected.

“It seems a little excessive for Bowling Green,” Boyer said. “It kind of looks like a day spa in here.”

Still, Boyer said she is likely to eat there more often now.

Customers like the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that was installed, Edwards said.

“Customers seem happy about the fact that our prices didn’t go up,” DeWalt said, referring to drink prices remaining the same despite expanded options due to the Freestyle machine.

For example, Boyer was able to get diet Coke with lime.

The location was closed for renovations for about two months, Edwards said.

“They had to take the whole front of the building out,” she said.

During that time, some employees worked at other Wendy’s locations, like Bowling Green’s East Wooster Street location, DeWalt said.

While customers seem to be enjoying the renovations, DeWalt said they have also made employees’ jobs easier.

New fryers that are more “easy and convenient” were put in, DeWalt said.

DeWalt also said lack of space in the back had previously been a problem and now there is more space.