Media Review: “The Lego Movie”

Seth Weber and Seth Weber

I must preface this review by saying I was obsessed with Lego as a child; Lego is an essential part of my being.

I had thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks and obsessively watched stop-motion animation videos using Lego online. I’ve waited for a Hollywood Lego film for years and now that it’s out, I can confidently say it does not disappoint.

“The Lego Movie” could have been a cynical cash-in; a 90-minute commercial. However, it’s obvious the creators put a lot of work and love into this film that brings it to life.

The animation in this film is jaw-dropping. Somewhat disappointingly, it isn’t stop motion, but one couldn’t tell at a glance.

The animation does a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of stop-motion videos that have come before it and truly makes it feel like Lego came to life.

Every frame is full of life and action, which makes it impossible to catch everything in one viewing.

Great writing supports the animation, bringing fun jokes and characters. “The Lego Movie” is thoroughly goofy and is sure to make the most cynical crack a smile.

The cast is great and is made up of actors including Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Will Arnett.

The film pulls from countless intellectual properties such as “Star Wars” and “DC.” Will Arnett’s portrayal at Batman is great and pokes a lot of fun at his gruff, serious character in the “Dark Knight” films.

Behind its lighthearted façade, “The Lego Movie” has quite a few messages for its audience. One of the biggest motifs is that of the “instructions,” the ones we used as kids to build a pre-imagined castle or pirate ship.

The hero of the film, Emmet, is paranoid about following the instructions, but his talented Lego friends think outside the box.

I feel “The Lego Movie” is telling its audience to do the same. Sometimes it’s best to stray from the rules to do something better.

This film speaks to all ages and could capture the imagination of anyone. It tells adults to embrace their inner child and children to keep their imaginative flame alive.