New social media site encourages students to ask questions about classes, homework

Jackie Elliott and Jackie Elliott

Social media is becoming more commonly used at the University. The University has recently joined the social media site ClusterFlunk. ClusterFlunk is a community for universities around the nation. There are tens of thousands of students online helping each other. The site is free as well.

Joe Dallago, creator of ClusterFlunk and student at the University of Iowa, describes the site as social network for school. He said it’s a simple way for students to connect and ask questions.

“I know that feeling of not being able to connect with someone,” he said. “We wanted to create a network for students to feel safe to ask questions.”

The name ClusterFlunk came from college students as well. Dallago said the site is completely data driven. The name comes from a Facebook poll, where it won by 90 percent.

“We thought it was an interesting play on words,” Dallago said. “The site is for that struggling student who needs help, and we have that help for them.”

The site is very similar to Canvas. It allows for students to chat amongst themselves, ask questions, and upload notes and other class items. The only difference is that with ClusterFlunk students can upload and download exams. Some professors think that this is a way for students to cheat.

“These types of sites have always been around,” said Michael Horning, a journalism professor at the University. “Technology doesn’t change the fact that students are always looking for shortcuts.”

Although some professors are apprehensive about the site, students are excited for the site to be available at the University. Many students are always looking for a way to change the way they study. Alisa Pattin, a senior, said that it’s always interesting to find new ways to connect with other students.

“I’m always looking for an easy way to study,” she said. “College is all about helping each other, so I’m all for it.

The site allows students to instant message, upload and download files [study guides, notes, etc.], ask questions on class walls and meet others in their classes. Some students think that it will help make classes more connected.

“I think that connecting in college is really important,” said junior Amara Huddleston.

She said that social media is the way our generation connects, so it’s a good idea for students to join the site.

ClusterFlunk is a way to ask questions you may not want to ask in class, and also feel more connected to your classmates. The site has been live for two semesters at the University of Iowa and has over 10,000 users. This is the first semester at Bowling Green and Dallago is hoping for great success here in the Midwest.