City takes proactive approach to impending snow storm, plans ahead for parking ban

With the impending snow storm approaching Tuesday night, the city is taking precautionary steps to prepare the streets.

“We’re giving citizens another chance to remember what to do during a snow emergency,” said John Fawcett during Monday night’s city council meeting.

With 100 percent chance of snow fall late Tuesday night, Fawcett said the city will formulate a plan around 2 p.m. Tuesday for a time to declare a snow emergency.

Fawcett said the ideal time to declare a snow emergency would be before 9 p.m. so people have two hours to remove their cars from the streets so the plows can clear the roads.

If someone fails to remove their car, they can be cited or towed.

This will be the sixth snow emergency of the year, one that has been taxing for the Public Works Department, which has already clocked 2,900 overtime hours since Christmas, said Director Brian Craft.

Starting the season with 1,400 tons of salt, the department only has 400 tons left. It had used 500 tons alone on the heavy snow fall around New Year’s Day, Craft said.

The department will be on a conference call Tuesday morning with the Ohio Department of Transportation to bid for more salt, he said.

“If we have two or three more storms, we’ll be scrambling,” Craft said. “We’ve already reached out to Toledo for salt and we may be calling them by the end of the week. This has been a winter to remember,”