BGSU spirit group unmasks two members at hockey game

SIC SIC members Miss Piggy and Herman Munster were beheaded at Saturday’s hockey game. Kimmy Zaccarro and Matt Bruening were revealed as the SIC SIC members. Check out a full story and more photos on

Stevon Duey and Stevon Duey

Two senior SIC SIC members were unmasked in front of thousands of cheering students during Saturday night’s hockey game.

“I’m going through a hundred emotions,” senior Kimmy Zaccaro said after being unmasked.

In accordance with tradition, SIC SIC seniors are revealed at a home hockey game during spring semester. Senior Matthew Bruening was revealed to be the man behind the mask of Herman Munster and senior Kimmy Zaccaro had been moonlighting as Miss Piggy since the end of her freshman year.

“People thought I was being shady. Some of my friends kept asking if I had a boyfriend,” Zaccaro said.

During the school year, members of SIC SIC attend campus events like sports games and fundraisers.

Members sometimes walk around campus at night and tag buildings with hand painted “SIC SIC sez” posters that feature words of encouragement and commentary on current events.

Only a few people on campus know the identities of SIC SIC members. Bruening kept his secret well but had to make exceptions.

“My roommates had to know. They’re called secret keepers,” Bruening said.

Students, alumni and fans cheered on Bruening and Zaccaro after as they were announced and unmasked on the ice.

Zaccaro’s sisters from Kappa Kappa Gamma screamed from the stands as the announcer listed her hobbies before she removed her mask. Each activity gave them clues and her sisters realized exactly who was behind the face of Miss Piggy.

After leaving the ice, Zaccaro was rushed by her Greek sisters and Bruening by his brothers from Lambda Chi.

School spirit will continue to grow at the university. Two new members of SIC SIC will be chosen to replace Bruening and Zaccaro at the end of the year.

That won’t make it any easier for current SIC SIC members to say goodbye.

“They’re our role models,” SIC SIC mascot Laura Bush said.

“This is an exciting time, but we’re sad because we’re losing our best friends,” mascot Spidey said.

The current members of the secret mascot society wanted to wish good luck to Bruening and Zaccaro after they graduate.

“We know that they can survive in the world since they’ve survived this,” Spidey said.

Freshmen will be able to apply later this semester and could have the chance to don the roles of Herman Munster and Miss Piggy for the next three years.

Bruening had one thing to say to future members of SIC SIC.

“Live it up. You gotta live it up,” he said.