Playoff system leaves out mid-majors like BG

Katie Wernke and Katie Wernke

Chances are when you turn on your TV over the holidays, you’re not going to see Bowling Green or Marshall fighting their way through the college football playoffs. Marshall holds a Top 25 ranking, remember.

But that ranking means nothing when it comes to the playoff system. Now, a big-time selection committee sits down and mulls over who they think most deserves to go. The selection committee is made up of experts, some of whom are affiliated with the Southeastern Conference [SEC], Big Ten and Big 12, of course.

So here goes another year of the Alabamas and Florida States taking over college football and ESPN. And where does that leave Bowling Green?

That leaves Bowling Green in another Little Caesars Pizza Bowl playing against a 6-6 team. That leaves a championship team playing a team who finished sixth in their conference. That leaves Bowling Green on the outside looking in once again.

But it’s not just Bowling Green. It’s Marshall. It’s Cincinnati. It’s Memphis. It’s any team that is not a part of a power conference.

That’s how college football is designed. Save the spotlight for the SEC and the Big Ten. The Mid-American Conference or Mountain West can try again when they rise to the power of the almighty.

This is the problem that surrounds college football. Everyone says they get tired of hearing about ‘Bama and Auburn, but nothing changes. The TV ratings stay the same because it’s ‘good football.’ But when does the MAC get a chance to show the nation they have good football? On a Wednesday night.

College football will continue to orbit the worlds of the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12. The big guns. The moneymakers. The American Athletic Conference and the MAC will have to take a backseat until they can rival those on Saturday night.

Maybe it’s the scheduling, team strength and recruiting that can turn the tide. It’s also the fans who choose to give those ‘other’ teams attention. Watch a game that’s not on Saturday primetime. See that the same stories, hard work and desire go into each and every game.

It shouldn’t be so easy to guess what conferences will make the playoffs. Every team should have a shot. Like the saying goes, any team can beat any other team on any given day, right? So what do you say, let’s give some others a chance in the big game. Let’s make college football fun for everyone to watch.