India Student Association organizes flash mob

Jon Stinchcomb and Jon Stinchcomb

Students’ and faculty’s afternoon lunches on Wednesday at the Union were treated with an accompanying dance performance.

The witnessed a flash mob organized by the India Student Association. They used the performance as a fun and interesting way to promote their upcoming “Diwali Mela” event, said Rabab Darwish, vice president of the ISA.

“And actually, we wanted to do it last year too, but we did not have the capability for it nor the time,” Darwish said. “This time we started way in advance. So we wanted to make it a promotion. We had the idea from last year actually and we went through with it this year.”

She said the organization wanted to showcase more recent and hip music from India.

“Everyone sort of knows ‘Jai Ho,’” Darwish said. “It’s very popular from the movies.”

“Jai Ho” is a Grammy- and Academy Award-winning hit song from 2009’s Best Picture, “Slumdog Millionaire.” The song is used throughout the film, but is most notable during the end credits sequence when the cast partakes in their own flash mob.

The India Student Association’s flash mob performance did feature plenty of other music as well.

“We needed to represent all regions of India, so that’s the reason we picked up some songs of ‘Bollywood,’ some songs of ‘Tollywood,’ and some other Southern states of India,” said Srihimaja Nandamudi, ISA’s cultural coordinator.

Purvi Agrawal, a member of the association, said the work they put into organizing the event allowed them all to get to know each other better.

“It brought all Indians together,” Agrawal said. “It was kind of mingling, then we all get in on it. So we got to know more about our people and then show our culture to the rest of the students in the university, that is most important.”

Ultimately, the ISA is hoping the flash mob allowed others to hear about their upcoming annual “Diwali Mela” event held this year on Nov. 22 in the Lenhart Grand Ballroom on the second floor of the Union from 6-9 p.m.

“Diwali” is festival of lights with ancient Hindu origins, which is celebrated in autumn each year. The India Student Association’s event is set to include more dance and musical performances, a fashion show and authentic Indian food.

“The flash mob was promotion for the ‘Diwali Mela’ because we want maximum people from the University to see our culture, our people,” Agrawal said.