Netflix picks up “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Cassie Sullivan and Cassie Sullivan

Written in a style probably not suited for very young readers, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket has gained a new life thanks to Netflix this past week.

The series is based on the lives of the three Baudelaire siblings [Violet, Klaus and Sunny] once they become orphans after a house fire that killed their parents. They are in the custody of a distant relative, Count Olaf, who found out about the orphans’ huge inheritance that the oldest, Violet, would inherit when she turns 18. After the Count’s failed marriage to Violet, the orphans spend the next couple of novels running from the Count and his many disguises. But after a certain point in the series, the orphans spend their time running from the authorities after being framed for the Count’s fake death.

In 2004, the first three novels in the 13-book series were turned into a movie that was both a success and a failure. While the movie was decent, fans of the novels were disappointed because the movie portrayed the series as more humorous than it was, along with combining the first three novels into one movie.

With Netflix picking up the series and turning it into a live action television show, it’s needless to say those who are fans of the novel now [or were as young readers] are excited to see the series be turned into a show.

As someone who read the series growing up, the idea of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” being turned into a television show is terribly exciting. The series was my first experience as a kid with a dark, somewhat adult humor, along with the writing style Snicket used in the series — not many authors would tell their readers to stop reading and imagine a better ending for the orphans.

Snicket, whose real name is Daniel Handler, writes as the narrator of the series who is also involved way more in the series as someone who had a connection to both the orphans’ parents and also the secret organization, known only as V.F.D. Throughout the series, the orphans look for the organization, along with it having an actual role in the novels.

While the details for the show have not been released, the news of Netflix working on the series as a television show has received good feedback.