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September 29, 2023

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Politicians not responsible for issues or solutions in society, corporations most beneficial

Tuesday marked another election day where individuals came out in support of their local politicians.

Regardless of your political affiliation, you can’t deny how pathetic political ads have become within the past few years.

It seems that the reasoning behind why people today vote for who they do could be better explained by someone with a psychology degree rather than an economics degree.

The unfortunate reality is that these campaigns and voting sessions have only highlighted the ignorance of the average American voter. Every year I’m reminded of the extent that people continue to blame society for their pitfalls.

Matters of unemployment and wage creation don’t depend on your politicians; they depend on your businesses and the decisions made by your corporate leaders.

In fact, politicians play minimal roles in supporting job growth, but that doesn’t stop them from taking all of the credit while simultaneously spurring fear into Americans that their country is headed towards a nasty demise.

As an investor I speculate on a quarterly basis where the United States stands on its positions worldwide and internally. This simple but regular analysis has led me to conclude that the United States is not on a means to an end, but on a path to enlightenment.

Many of today’s Americans have witnessed the shift from low skill manufacturing jobs to higher tech skilled jobs demanding degrees. These same workers grew up relying on underfunded pensions from America’s failing industries like the pre-recession automotive industry.

These people never once calculated the economic realities of downturn or evolution in their society. Many nonchalantly spectated on the sidelines as they witnessed top talents from overseas move up their own corporate ladder.

Suddenly, when these people become confused, they point their fingers in one direction – their local politician.

Politicians are seen as larger than life characters in American society.

It’s easy to see why too; many politicians like Roosevelt, Reagan, Johnson and Clinton helped recreate portions of our society and to some extent define the American way of life. With the exception of these individuals, however, most politicians haven’t led to much.

It seems that there has never been a time in which one role stood for so much but contributed so little to society.

This isn’t due to a lack of bipartisanship or the inability to agree on key issues, but to the failure to understand impactful movements as well as the initiative to act on these movements.

A prime example of this is America’s incompetent corporate tax policy, which hasn’t seen a material revision in decades.

The United States is driven by corporate expansion and growth. Much of what we identify as greed in pop culture is more attributable to our own advancement than our disparity of wealth.

Companies have become significantly democratized within the past hundred years since the days of Andrew Carnegie.

The reality is that corporations create the majority of jobs and economic prosperity, not government or politicians.

Holding on to the thought that your politicians impact your tax bill, gas prices or employment status will leave you angry and discouraged at your society.

Instead of thinking of your politicians as drivers of growth, look first at yourself and ask how you can benefit society.

Then you’ll be well prepared to accept the three certainties in life: taxes, death and the average modern day useless politician.

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