Student wins 100 dollars from survey

Myah Lanier and Myah Lanier

Student Aparna Sharma takes home a $100 gift card to the book store for being the winner of a news survey.

On news engagement day students on campus received an email asking to take a quiz about local and national current events.

Coordinator Nancy Brendlinger said, “News engagement day is a nationwide event.” She said students were asked from professional organizations on campus to come together to create a news survey.”

BG24 News General Manager Megan Gallagher said the purpose of the quiz was to see how engaged students were with the news.

To get students to participate the quiz was put on a survey called Valtrex, posted to social networks and sent out to student emails.

“I put the survey on [The] BG24 Facebook, twitter and my own personal Facebook,” said Gallagher.

She said she wanted everyone to participate, not just BG students.

Lucas Stall, President of PRSSA, said “there were 111 participants and seven of those participants received perfect scores.”

“I honestly didn’t believe there would be that many participants, said Brendlinger. “I thought there was going to be less than that; however, that is still such a low score,” she said.

Student Angela Miller said “I received the email about the survey and I saw it on my twitter timeline, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it.”

Brendlinger said she took the results from what she received and wrote each person’s name on a scrap piece of paper with a number on it.

She then placed the scraps of paper into a bowl where she had a random student in her office pick out a name.

“When the student picked out a name it was Sharma,” said Brendlinger.

“I took the survey in the union from my email,” said Sharma. “A week later is when I received an email saying I had won a one hundred dollar gift card to the book store.”

Sharma said the first thing she thought while reading the email was that she was proud of herself for accomplishing something.

“I didn’t think I got any of the questions right but it was definitely a wake-up call for me to start paying attention to the news,” said Sharma.

Stall said this was a great idea to get not only students, but the entire campus involved in news.

“This was a great success but next time they will get an earlier start on it and include more exciting features,” Gallagher said.