TOMS collects glasses to donate to children in need

Cassie Sullivan and Cassie Sullivan

On Monday, the University’s chapter of TOMS hosted the second “World Sight Day,” an event for people to donate their old prescription glasses for children who need glasses.

Last year, TOMS collected 20 pairs of glasses and hopes to collect more this year.

“What TOMS does is they take glasses, check the prescription and give them to a child in need. So, you give your sight to give sight to someone else,” said Hanna Engle, the vice president of TOMS.

Between now and next Thursday, students can donate old pairs of prescription glasses to TOMS to be donated to someone who is need. TOMS has partnered with the BG Lions Club, who checks the prescription and donates the glasses to someone with a similar prescription.

If someone wants to buy a pair of glasses directly from TOMS, students can also donate through the Marketplace.

“It’s part of a program— they have glasses on the Marketplace, like when you buy TOMS,” Engle said. TOMS then either donates glasses to a child in need, makes it possible for a child to have surgery or helps with medical treatment.

While Sherria Flournoy, a senior, did not know that TOMS was collecting old prescription glasses, she was interested in the event.

“I’m actually about to go and have a doctor’s appointment to get my prescription renewed because I know I need them changed,” Flournoy said. “And I never have anyone to give my glasses to and I don’t throw them away.”

While TOMS doesn’t have anything planned for the rest of the semester, it does plan on hosting “One Day Without Shoes” in the spring. While a date hasn’t been picked yet, Rod Patterson, the founder of TOMS, says the organization will know by Christmas when the event will be held. Last year, the University’s chapter of TOMS had the most participants involved in the event.