LeBron James annouces plan of action

Aaron Parker and Aaron Parker

Just after noon EST on Friday, July 11, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert received a telephone call from Rich Paul, the agent to LeBron James. The call was short and sweet—Paul simply said, “Dan, congratulations. LeBron is coming home.”

What soon followed was a Sports Illustrated exclusive story, in which LeBron and Lee Jenkins wrote a letter detailing the superstar’s decision to leave Miami. Ten days after the beginning of free agency and right in the middle of “Free Slurpee Day,” James dropped the news that shocked everyone. The King is returning home to Cleveland, eager to reign supreme.

The decision to leave Miami and return to Cleveland was not one without much thought for James, who until Thursday said he hadn’t made up his mind. It was even pointed out by James that “after the season, free agency wasn’t even a question.” Well now, free agency was the answer. Not many people, including myself at first, believed that this would or could even be possible. James, with some help from Paul, made it possible.

The duo let teams know that James would be considering his options. They forced the Cavaliers, without a commitment, to make sure they would have room for a max contract. Gilbert put aside his past feelings about James leaving the team four years ago and obliged. It was just that, the uncertainty, which made this all so exciting. It took time for teams to understand what their next move was going to be because of James and his pending decision. Top tier free agents like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh would not make a move until they knew where James would be playing next year. The more time he spent thinking about his decision, the clearer it was where he would go.

Sports Center broke stories of how James wanted to come home to continue his charity work and to be the one to give Cleveland the thing that has been escaping them for so many years: a championship. It has been fifty years since the Clevelanders last felt like the best. Its been fifty years since Cleveland has won a championship in any major sport.

So, as the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for battle, they are the center of attention because of their returning self-made King. We won’t know the sum of all these moves for the Cavs, but until tip-off come October, none of that matters. At least, for now, they can enjoy the moment. As for LeBron James, he knows there is work to be done. He knows that this young core of Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins and Dion Waiters is ready to put in the work. He knows that Cleveland is ready, and so is he. The fans will be expecting a championship in Ohio within the next three years. Until that moment comes, fans can soak up the glory of their hero coming home.