Bowling Green Hotspots Series: Club/Intramural Fields

Carly Debaldo and Carly Debaldo

The club/intramural fields that are located next to the University Ice Arena are the perfect place for you to participate in something active this summer.

It is an ideal location for you to get together with a group of friends and enjoy a fun game of your favorite sport.

The fields accommodate many types of sports such as soccer, lacrosse, flag football, frisbee and many others.

I love to gather a group of my friends on a cool summer night and get a pick-up soccer game going on one of the fields.

As a member of the women’s club soccer team, we use these fields everyday for our practices.

The big tree, which sits in the middle of all the fields, is a reminder of the place where I first met some of my best friends, because it’s when I joined the soccer team.

At first glance, you may think it’s just a big empty field, but once you step onto the field, with your teammates and friends, it becomes something so much more.

Playing any sport, especially soccer, for me is an amazing stress reliever and helps me take my mind off academics for a while. I am sure that sports and playing, on these fields, has done the same for many others, as well.

Not only do these fields host intramural and club sport teams, but they also host the Bowling Green Soccer Challenge tournament, each fall and spring. The tournament brings in about a couple thousand people, which really helps the town and the University, as well.

I urge you to get outside this summer and play your favorite sport, with some of your friends, on these fields.