Students perform at Multicultural Talent Showcase in Union

Myah Lanier and Myah Lanier

Kelli Jordan was one of the many students that attended the 6th Annual Multicultural Talent Showcase Wednesday night.

She loves attending talent shows and was excited for the different talents that were going to be performed.

Planning the talent show in the late spring, Shelia Brown, the showcase coordinator said the Office of Multicultural Affairs didn’t have a lot of time to piece together the talent show but they were all able to come together to figure out different events to give students a diverse array of things to do.

“We wanted to put on our 6th Annual Talent Showcase to showcase students,” Brown said.

“It’s called the Multicultural Talent Show because we wanted the name to reflect the diverse array of talents and the diversity of performers who participate in the show every year,” she said.

Sheila Brown said sometimes student aren’t majoring in dance or vocal, so the talent show gives them the opportunity to showcase the amazing talents that they do have to others.

Rohit Sharma, a graduate student, was one of students performing in the talent show.

“I come to sing a Indian song that is [in] Indian language,” he said.

Sharma said he wanted to bring in something different from his culture into the show and to be able to show others what a man from his culture can do.

Other students performing their talent saw it as an opportunity of exposure.

“My talent is spoken word, so being able to participate in this talent show gives me opportunity to be able to get myself out there to show others what I can do,” said Maurice Smith.

Some students have been performing their talents for years, so performing in front of a crowd came easy to them.

“I’ve been playing the piano since I was five, so I’m comfortable with playing in front of different people and different events,” said Gary Galbreath. “Playing the piano is like a stress reliever, It’s a great feeling to just play music of different genre.”

Malika Hunt, one of the members of the dance team called Elements, said that she loves dancing to Hip Hop music.

“The energy that I am able to release is amazing, just to get up and to perform what I can do makes me feel impeccable,” she said.

Brown wanted the event to be a free event for students to attend.

“We want everybody,” she said. “We don’t want to limit anybody’s ability to come to the show and we don’t want any hindrance to your ability to come see your peers performing for you.”