People share stories from living together, conflicts arise from new strangers

Spencer Good and Spencer Good

There are many roommate stories that can be heard throughout the hallways of the dorms.

One story is from sophomore Pac Wood IV.

“People that know me know that I wear abstract outfits a lot of times,” he said. “While one day I was wearing a long flowing blue dress, because I am gender fluid, my roommate and I went to the gas station. While in the gas station the guy cashiers started to flirt with me thinking that I was a girl and I decided to have a little fun and went along with it.”

Wood said then my straight friend saw this, wrapped his arm around my waist and started to play along.

The friend said, “What you talking to my girl for?”

This lasted for a good twenty minutes until they realized that I was not a girl then they both became awkward around me, Wood said.

Some other stories can be pretty horrible compared to this story.

“Last year I had a roommate that was gay and he was a furry,” said sophomore Bryce Dotson.

A furry is a person who dresses up as an animal and has an alternate persona of that animal.

“His boyfriend … would never shower or brush his teeth.

I tried to talk about this with him and he would listen but he would never do anything about it,” he said.

To get revenge, one time when he was asleep they put whipped cream on the boyfriend’s hand and then they waited to see if he would smear it all over his face.

“It took him a few minutes and finally he wiped his forehead with that hand and he woke up and saw this and said, ‘What the heck happened. Someone is going to pay,’” Dotson said. “Then my friend and I busted out laughing.”

Wood also shared he never saw his roommate.

“Usually, last year I didn’t see my roommate at all but three times,” he said. “One time I came in to the room thinking that he was not there like usual but instead he was there and he had the look of a deer in front of car headlights because we very rarely ran into each other in the room.”