Greek Housing to be completely demolished by Friday of homecoming.

The timeframe of the greek housing project was discussed at the Undergraduate Student Government [USG] meeting on Monday.

Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Office of Campus Activities Chris Bullins, who spoke at the meeting, said the fraternity houses on E. Wooster Street have been completely demolished, and the sorority houses are next.

Bullins said the sorority houses should be demolished by Friday of homecoming weekend.

In response to a question posed by Senator At-Large Clayton Wood, Bullins said the process for selecting which greek organizations get which new house will be random.

“We can think of no fairer way,” he said.

Bullins said the parade route for the homecoming parade will begin downtown on E. Wooster Street and end near the Stroh Center. In previous years, the parade has begun at the Stroh and ended at the centrex parking lot.