Konkrete Jungle celebrates four years

Konkrete Jungle will celebrate its fourth anniversary on Aug. 28 at Cla-Zel Theatre.

The event starts at 9 p.m. and multiple DJs will be playing until 2:30 a.m.

Konkrete Jungle was initially an experiment, said Brian Scavo, founder of Konkrete Jungle.

There wasn’t much of an established electronic music culture in Bowling Green.

After traveling around the midwest and hearing other DJs for over a decade, Scavo “felt it was almost [his] obligation to bring that culture to the city [he] was living in.”

He put on events at other venues in the Bowling Green area, but wanted to wait for the right venue to establish a recurring event.

“Konkrete Jungle materialized out of a great opportunity to work with Cla-Zel,” Scavo said.

Cla-Zel had a good sound system and dance floor, Scavo said.

Over the past four years, “diversity has become more important… dabbling in different genres,” Scavo said.

Scavo tries to have some music for everyone. The DJs are able to educate the crowd about the music.

“The best [DJs] are the ones who know how to continually work with people who may be coming to Konkrete Jungle for the first time,” Scavo said.

There are always new people attending because Bowling Green’s population is always changing with new University students every year. Scavo tries to introduce these new people as well as regular attendees to new music within electronic music.

Music in the beginning reflected Scavo’s tastes for drum and bass and jungle music.

Scavo later began to integrate more forward-thinking genres.

“We’re trying to bring culture instead of just catering to trends,” he said.

The atmosphere of Konkrete Jungle hasn’t changed.

“There’s an open mindedness that comes with this culture,” Scavo said. Konkrete Jungle “[gives] people an opportunity to express themselves without worrying about the pressures of expectation.”

Former Bowling Green resident Adrea Burnett-Carrier has been going to Konkrete Jungle for about three years and will go to the fourth anniversary event.

She enjoys the atmosphere.

There’s a “really positive vibe,” she said.

She enjoys being able to dance in that environment.

“I love to dance. Dancing is like my therapy,” she said. “You never feel self-conscious or like you don’t want to dance.”

Perrysburg resident Brittany Berry also enjoys the environment.

“There’s always really interesting people who go there,” she said.

Jeff “Compton” Crockett will be coming from Compton, Calif. to DJ and likes how he can contribute to the atmosphere by playing different songs.

“I can change anybody’s mood,” he said, “That’s the most amazing thing… This is the best job in the world to me.”

Scavo hopes Crockett and the other DJs he has selected will be enjoyable for attendees. The first event of the fall semester is always the biggest and most exciting, he said.

“I know Brian puts his heart and soul into this and it shows,” Burnett-Carrier said.