Live to the fullest, focus on what you want

Taylor Freyer and Taylor Freyer

As college students, we are frequently pushing boundaries, taking risks and making decisions all while living life in the moment rather than worrying about tomorrow.


Yes, I’ve said it. The ever-so-popular acronym “YOLO” that means “you only live once” is something I use to encourage myself to push through boundaries that limit me.

While “YOLO” has became a widespread phrase often overused by the American popular culture—sometimes I even catch myself cringe when I hear it—it’s just too true to ignore.

We really do only live once. It’s one life and life is extremely short.

What makes life so interesting is that we never know what life actually has in store for us. Life as we know it is something very precious and should never be taken for granted. We should live life to the fullest.

Find something that is important to you. Ignore what others may say or think of you and don’t do what you believe others want you to do. Do something that you enjoy. It’s ultimately your life, your decision and your happiness.

I believe this to be one of the hardest ways to live. I constantly want to please others surrounding me in my life. I’ve been caught in situations where I continue to do something that makes me unhappy, just to see the ones I love around me happy. While that’s thoughtful on my part, it does nothing but hurt me and the life I am living. It’s important to realize it’s your own life to live—so live it for yourself, not anyone else.

Remember to live in the moment. There’s an amazing quote I’ve pinned on Pinterest multiple times that reads, “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.” Although it’s hard to forget what happened yesterday or what could happen in your future, stop and just live for today.

While living in the moment, it’s likely you’re going to encounter many decisions and risks you must quickly act on. As scary as it sounds, it’s a part of life we just can’t escape; but rather than feeling hesitant, take a chance. I can guarantee you will never achieve anything if you do not take some chances. You’ll regret not taking risks more than the ones you decide to take.

So, next time you’re worrying about what to do, what decision to make and what chance to take, push yourself to remember “YOLO” because we only get one life to live and we better make the best of it.

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