USG discusses financial aid interface

The Bg News and The Bg News

The Undergraduate Student Government [USG] discussed a new financial aid interface option at its meeting Monday night.

University Systems Analyst Richard Kasch presented a new option for students to customize what financial aid information their parents or guardians can see.

According to the presentation, whatever students see on the interface is what their guardians will see, with the exception of what the students do not allow.

USG President Brian Kochheiser said that ultimately, the students will have the final say over whether or not the system is implemented. One concern raised was the fact that parents could see holds on student accounts.

“Some of these holds could be associated with a variety of [factors], including [student] conduct,” Kochheiser said.

Despite this concern, Kochheiser reiterated the fact that students will be able to define what parents see.

Additionally, the role of USG within the activities of St. Baldrick’s this year was discussed. Kochheiser said there is still some deliberation to be done, but USG plans on being involved in some way.

“It’s definitely a great initiative and something that’s very positive on campus,” he said.