BG’s oldest brewery makes new changes


Brewery – Photo via BG24 newscast

Jake Pietrasz and Jake Pietrasz

Bowling Green’s oldest brewery, Bowling Green Beer Works, is making some big changes.

Introduced to the city in 2016, Bowling Green Beer Works has recently faced some struggles after former owner Justin Marx was indicted for rape last year, leading to the business being put up for sale.

However, Tyler Householder and Clay Develvis, workers at Bowling Green Brew Works, saw an opportunity and came together to buy and reshape the business.

“I was here as a winemaker so we have some familiarity with the business,” Householder said. “I was a regular customer back when the place first started so I was immediately involved here as a customer and also providing some service here at the brewery.”

The purchase was finalized in February. Householder and Develvis wanted a fresh start for the business, including a new name, changing it from Bowling Green Brew Works to Brewing Green.

“So it was kind of two-fold to kind of gain some distance between ourselves and the history that some of this place had and to market a demarcation… I like to think the personality of the place is still the same for the most part,” Householder said. 

Even though changes have been made, both Householder and Develvis want customers to know one thing: it’s still the same beer.

“Just because the name has changed doesn’t mean the beer has changed. Our master brewer actually went back to the old school way, you know the original recipes, and that’s something we kind of want people to know,” Develvis said.