SICSIC unmasks Deadpool and Shrek

Andrew Bailey and Andrew Bailey

On Feb. 19, the Deadpool and Shrek members of BGSU’s student group SICSIC were revealed as Noah Silver and Mika Fitzpatrick, the second Black woman in the organization’s history.

The unmasking happened on ice at BGSU hockey’s last home game, where they lost the weekend doubleheader against Northern Michigan.

Fitzpatrick, an ethnic studies major from Dayton, Ohio, and Silver, adolescent/young adult mathematics education major from Youngstown, Ohio, thanked each other, the BGSU community and their friends and family for their support.

As the second Black woman in SICSIC’s history, Fitzpatrick hopes her time in the organization and at the hockey game can encourage people of any identity to apply.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. It’s for spirit. Do what you love, give back to the university,” Fitzpatrick said.

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Both Fitzpatrick and Silver have spent the past three years dressing up as Shrek and Deadpool. After the masks came off, emotions were high for the two.

“That moment on the ice was surreal,” Silver said. “You are sitting there with the people who supported you, with the people who are excited to see you, for you, for that first time … there’s no words to describe it.”

Silver said his most memorable experience in SICSIC was at a homecoming game his freshman year, where the atmosphere was “electrifying.”

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Fitzpatrick emphasized the secrecy of the 75-year-old organization and how much it meant to her.

“It means the absolute world (to me). Just being able to keep a secret and give back to the BGSU community, no one knowing your identity, is so special,” Fitzpatrick said.

Last year, Stefanie DelRosso was revealed as the unicorn and Riley Timbrook was revealed as Kylo Ren.

In 2023, Master Chief and Iron Man will be unmasked.

The current round of SICSIC applications ends on Feb. 25. For more information, visit BGSU’s SICSIC webpage.