Unhealthy food served at 5k, raises money for Dance Marathon

Meg Kraft and Meg Kraft

Dunkin Donuts, brownies, cans of pop and high-fives were handed out at the finish line of the Dance Marathon Not-Fit 5K on Saturday morning.

Students, Bowling Green Dance Marathon participants, Greek Weekend volunteers and even dogs walked the perimeter of the Perry Field House to raise money for Dance Marathon’s main event.

Thomas Hamway, fundraising chairman, said the inspiration for mixing junk food with being active came from wanting to do something different.

“The Not-Fit 5K idea came from one of my core committee members,” he said. “I have never heard of something like this, so I thought it would attract different kinds of people.”

About 150 participants attended the event, raising $2,000 through donations and sign-up fees.

Participant Breezy Eichenauer, intervention specialist student, ran the 5K to support Dance Marathon and Greek Weekend.

“I haven’t participated in any previous BGDM events, but I plan on doing so in the future,” she said. “It was honestly a lot of fun.”

Eichenauer enjoyed the not-fit angle of the event.

“I loved the not-fit part. If it was a [regular] 5K I wouldn’t have done it,” she said. “The not-fit [atmosphere] pushed me to run and I didn’t feel self-conscious.”

Meg Burrell, political science major, attended the event for to bring awareness to BGDM and enjoy a fun morning.

“It was a casual walk on a Saturday morning that anyone could come to,” she said.

Burrell liked the fact that participants were able to walk or run.

“It’s not summer, nobody’s ready for an actual 5K yet,” she joked.

Participants neared the finish line at the end of the event where Hamway spread words of encouragement and cake donuts.

“There were a lot of people that attended and it was a really good turnout,” he said.

Alison Doughty, BGDM director, also thought the event was successful.

“Everyone was smiling and happy the entire time,” she said.

Doughty said the Not-Fit 5K was the most successful 5K BGDM has ever held and the committee plans to build upon it for next year.

“I can see it being a tradition in the future for sure. Anybody could do it, everyone was welcome — no pressure,” she said.

Doughty said enjoyment is the basis for the active fundraising events.

“We try to look for more fun runs, last year we did a glow run,” she said. “[Hamway] discussed the Not-Fit idea for this year. We were all about it, who doesn’t love cookies and candy?”