Sportswear, fitted suits part of menswear fashion trends for spring

By Meg Kraft and By Meg Kraft

Menswear spring 2015 collections featured sportswear, fitted suits and floral accents.

The collections played on traditional menswear elements, but designers amped up the looks with lightweight and transitional pieces.

Sportswear as street-wear dominated men’s spring fashion.

The Parisian fashion house, Carven, dressed male models in put-together sporty ensembles.

Carven featured outfits reminiscent of sports attire.

Neutral tailored button down baseball shirts were the focus of the line, paired with fitted chinos and trench coats.

Athletic styles, including mesh, jerseys and sneakers are spring staples.

While women’s spring collections featured basic neutrals and bronzed colors, Men can expect blue hues in their sporty styles.

Umit Benan’s Spring 2015 collection was decorated with aqua pin-stripe suits and constructed blazers.

The models walked the runway with leather duffel bags, tennis jackets and square cut shorts.

Formal attire was anything but the average suit and tie.

Givenchy featured classic black button down shirts and skinny leather bottoms.

Floral designs and accents spiced up the otherwise neutral collection, featuring tops and bottoms plastered with the appropriate spring pattern.

A popular combination included outlined suit jackets and shorts.

Gucci took a different approach, creating a fresh white spring line complete with navy accents and nautical stripes.

Light layers, including solid crewnecks and slip-on boat shoes, are obtainable looks for fashionable Falcons.

Giovanni Lanza, graphic design major, wears an H&M layered combination featuring a shawl collar and patterned white and navy button-down shirt.

Lanza said he’s excited to see layering resurface as a spring trend because overcoats and cardigans are better than the “usual sea of white marshmallow jackets.”

Lanza looks forward to wearing vests with dress shirts this spring.

He said the current menswear spring 2015 trends are refreshing and versatile.

“I appreciate the [sportswear] trend, but it feels too overtly athletic for me to feel really comfortable wearing it,” he said.

Lanza plans to wear an abundance of floral accents next season, noting that men may take a while to warm up to the accents.

His favorite collection is Gucci’s spring Ready-to-Wear line.

“Classic blazers — I mean there’s a reason they’re a classic right? I love blazers. A well-fitting black or blue blazer can go with most outfits surprisingly well.”

Lanza suggests students browse his favorite stores, H&M and Express, to revamp their closets for spring.

“[H&M and Express] hopped on the hipster fashion train early and I appreciate that,” he said.

Lanza said style is obtainable with a little effort and inspiration.

“The world of fashion is so expansive that it would be difficult not finding a stylish equivalent to what you feel comfortable wearing,” he said. “If you do a bit of research, you’ll undoubtedly find something out there that looks amazing on you.”