It’s On Us campaign clarifies group’s goals

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the feedback provided in your editorial regarding the It’s On Us campaign. We’d like to clarify some of our goals regarding our campaign.

It’s On Us is a program for preventing sexual assault on college campuses which stems from a national campaign that’s part of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault.

It has never been a campaign promoting sexual assault advocates. Becoming an advocate for sexual assault survivors requires an intensive training process.

Training to become a sexual assault victim advocate can be explored by emailing [email protected] and requesting an application or going to The SAAFE Center’s [a partner of the campaign] website at and clicking on “Get Involved.”

As part of our ongoing educational initiatives, the It’s On Us group is hosting bystander intervention trainings. These trainings are encouraged for those who want to take their commitment to signing the It’s On Us pledge further. Awareness has been our first step, but it is not the last. We will continue with educational programming and work toward prevention.

We’re proud of all who represented the campus in the University’s video. Those who volunteered spoke because of their interest. We believe that those who get involved with It’s On Us do so with a genuine care for the issue.

We hear your suggestion for increasing diversity, inviting more to join the committee and

supporting survivors.

We’ve reached out to all student organizations to participate in the educational video contest we are hosting and we extend an open invitation for those who want to join us in planning on Friday mornings at 10:30 am in 140 McFall.

It is only with multiple voices at the table that we can put together the most effective and community-oriented program.


The It’s On Us Campaign Committee

Respond to the It’s On Us Committee at

[email protected]