University Greek Life not reaching full potential as a community, has much room for improvement

Greek Life at the University is going well.

There are 14 social fraternities and 12 social sororities. However, I don’t think Greek Life is reaching its full potential.

A few of the Greek chapters have rivalries with other chapters. Some refuse to have socials with others. I feel like this shouldn’t be the case.

To further relationships in the community, every fraternity and sorority should aim to have social gatherings with every single other fraternity

and sorority.

If all the members within Greek Life got to know other people in other chapters instead of believing rumors and stereotypes, Greek Life would be

much closer.

The currently incomplete Greek housing project could be connected to how divided some of the chapters are now, as some Greeks that I’ve talked to personally have expressed.

Another way to unify Greek Life is to help each other with philanthropies. Supporting another chapter’s philanthropy, even if you don’t know them, is a great way to build a good reputation.

Another idea that I have thought of: why can’t two chapters team up for a double philanthropy event? Two chapters can hold one or two events that go hand-in-hand with each other and all the funds that are made can get evenly split up between both chapters.

This way, you have two chapters building a relationship with one another, with both of their philanthropies benefiting.

Marketing and promotion needs improvement in Greek Life; more specifically, recruitment events. Some chapters’ recruitment events have little to no people show up.

This problem is frequently due to events being promoted too little or too last minute. The small chapters, especially, are suffering from this.

Each chapter has to maintain a certain number of active members. If the numbers stay too small for long, the chapter has the possibility of getting disbanded. This is not something that I would want to see happen.

Chapters should take new approaches to recruiting. Spring semester is more laid back than fall semester for recruitment, but that doesn’t mean that spring semester isn’t important.

Yes, more students come in the fall than the spring, but there are still plenty of students who are new to campus in the spring semester. Lots of these new faces may be potential Greek Life members.

Just because it’s spring, doesn’t mean that a chapter should let recruiting fall through the cracks. Chapters could be missing out on some good people, so my advice is to keep spring recruitment strong.

One more thing I’d like to point out: even though it’s not technically their job in the spring semester, the University’s Interfraternity Council [IFC] could play more of a part in spring recruitment.

This includes, but is not limited to, posting each chapter’s recruitment events on social media and assisting with the promotion of spring recruitment and each chapter’s philanthropy events.

It’s also important to note that some chapters decide on their own not to market or participate in things, but I don’t see anything wrong with IFC going an extra mile for the ones who don’t mind the help.

Greek Life would definitely be a stronger and more unified community here at the University if some of this happened. This is only my second semester here and I already have this drive to see Greek Life go far.

It very well has the potential. I just want to see a close-knit, marvelous, unified Greek community.

From all the many Greeks that I know, this is surely a possible thing to achieve.

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