Embrace what makes you different, suppression of unique qualities will only cause frustration

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering” – Yoda, “Star Wars: Episode One.”

It is difficult to be different, because we are so afraid to take that first step. It baffles me when I see so many people submit to ideologies they know are not representative of who they are. We submit to many things, such as bullying, racism, sexism and indifference. The reality is that most of us are afraid to be out of place.

There is not one person who has not been ridiculed by the words of a few doubting an idea, a dream or a passion. Sometimes these things can completely change our ways of thinking about who we are and where we want to go. Decisions should be ours to make, but when we follow the crowd, we end up cheering for the very team we swore we would never root for.

When you get used to it, you become a root to that very foundation and then anger shows up.

We can follow many things and many people in our lives, but if we do not mind our true feelings and passions, even the closest friend can appear to be an enemy. Sometimes doing what you want means being that one person in a million doing something different. That feeling of “too weird” kicks in and then we go back into our shells and that leads to a lot of resentment towards ourselves, as well as others.

A war with yourself is a terrible way to live, because the truth is no one wins because you are both the enemy and the ally. Everyone in this entire world has a uniqueness about them. Sure, we have similarities with many people and we flock together, but when we break it all down, we each have that one thing that no one

else has.

Embrace it and nurture it, because suppression leads to suffering.

There is nothing worse than holding ourselves back when deep down we just want to shout out to the world the love we have for something. You are not crazy for being passionate about anything. Whether it is comic books or cars, it is only as weird as you make it.

The biggest problem with showing our difference is we seem to think other people set the standard. There is no standard or code to live by when embracing who you are. We cannot base our desires on what others think, because they are not us and they do not have our perspective, experiences or motivation.

You simply have to be who you are, do what you like and never look back other than to learn from the mistakes you’ve made in

the past.

Letting other people make your decisions makes you a walking prison. When you are locked up you get frustrated, curse yourself for being stupid and ultimately hate yourself. Hating yourself makes you change for others and leads you to put on a mask that makes you suffer in silence as you lose yourself slowly.

We all want happiness and it is as easy as embracing who you are deep down. Instead of letting fear mislead you to follow the crowd, let your passion guide you through it. The idea is to flourish together; not to suffer amongst each other.

The key to facing your fear is facing yourself in the mirror every morning and accepting who you are.

When you learn to accept yourself, you can be at peace and you can simply be happy.

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