Senior rewarded for service work in time at the University

Maddi Georgoff was one of 201 students across the country to win of the 2015 Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellows Award.

This award recognizes student’s involvement within their university and civic engagement that will create a lasting effect for both the university and community.

Those considered for the award have committed their time to campus events,

community service, leadership roles at their university and engaging students and the

community together.

“I have been a Civic Action Leader with the Office of Service Learning for three years now. With this, I plan and implement service events on campus … I connect the community to the University,” said Georgoff.

Georgoff is also the founder and president of the BG Alternative Breaks Program.

BGAB is a program with the Office of Service Learning that gives students the opportunity to travel and work with other communities and provide service to them.

“The program sends students on service trips during fall and spring breaks. It is a great learning experience and you get to see other communities around the country,” said Georgoff.

Georgoff said she has been on five alternative breaks throughout her time at the University and that through this program she was able to meet people from all around the US.

According to the BGAB reporting document there has been a total of seven trips since the program has been created. During the years of 2014 and 2015, students participating in BGAB have served a total of 2,510 hours to the other communities they

have visited.

“Maddi finds it upon herself to take that extra step and involve as many people on campus as she can,” said Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Programs, Maggie Nowicki.

Nowicki said how Georgoff has taken on a lot of leadership roles to help others realize the impact one person can have on a single


“The Office of Service Learning also received the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification this year,” said Georgoff. “The classification says that the University is physically engaged and involved with service learning.”

Through all of Georgoff’s accomplishments and service she has done here at the University she is now connected to all of the other students who won the 2015 Campus Compact Newman Civic

Fellows Award.

“It is a networking opportunity with other reward fellows … we are all connecting now through a Facebook group and other networks,” said Georgoff.

“Winning this award was a big accomplishment and I’m very thankful for it,” she added.