Alumnus has hand in creation of new social media app

Amber Hage-Ali and Amber Hage-Ali

University alumni Jennifer Irving, is one person involved in the creation of a new social network dedicated to creating a safe space for millennials to discuss important issues.

Unlike other social networks, RIZZARR is not concerned with daily selfies, the same meme used one to many times and whether or not you had a healthy smoothie for breakfast.

RIZZARR provides millennials with a space to engage in inspiring discourse about personal insights, dreams, fears and successes — a space to create change.

One of the co-founders and creators, Ashley Williams, said that she always felt there was a need for a space where young people could inspire each other.

“Really what we are offering is a positive atmosphere for millennial and other people to connect with each other,” Williams said. “We want people to encourage each other to be the change that they want to see in the world.”

RIZZARR’s name comes from the Spanish word “rizar” which means to ripple. The name was chosen because of its connection with the ripple effect concept which is the idea that one event can cause a series of other events to happen.

Right now the app is in the beta testing phase, the last phase of testing before commercial release. However, users can still access the social network’s features through a web browser.

“Users can send and submit writing to us and message each other just like a regular social networking site would allow but we really want to create conversations around different topics and issues that people are facing,” said Williams.

University student, Christopher Cleland is excited to see social media being used as a positive outlet.

“It bothers me to see people wasting the potential of the internet when we could be sharing ideas and communicating in a real way,” said Cleland. “This seems like a step in the right direction.”

Senior, Jenna Saverstorm agrees that having a social network dedicated to positive dialogue is a good idea.

“There are so many people who try to use Facebook to talk about things and share their opinions but it is not always appreciated,” said Saverstorm. “It would provide a place where people can feel free to talk about things without hostility.”

And that is just what RIZZARR is trying to do. Provide a safe platform for “people to showcase their voice and to share their thoughts,” Williams said.