Comedic Media Review on “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”

William Channell and William Channell

Ahhhhh, raps.

One of the great artforms of our time, rapping provides perhaps the purest expression of emotion of any currently popular music form.

Case in point: Drake. Consummate rapsman. Greatest ever, by his own admission. The first song on his newest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake says, “when I pull up on a [guy] watch that [guy] back back/I’m too good with these words, watch a [guy] backtrack.”

The moment these words emit from your speakers, a wave of endorphins are sure to wash over you. “Yes,” you will think, “Shady’s back.”

And not a moment too soon. When I think of the Drake’s last audioglyph, Nothing Was the Same, I think of the cover of the album, which featured a baby with an afro. That was cool.

After overcoming his formerly wheelchair-bound existence [which made me say, ‘Degrassi be kiddin’ me,’] Canadian Scalion of Rap, Drake decided to pursue his career in rhythmically speaking, like a voice poet.

That makes his decision to release this latest album without announcing it all the more unsurprising. By pulling a Beyoncé, Drake is no longer bound to his current label, the name of which I can’t remember right now, but that’s not important.

An exercise in history of raps, greats like The Tribe Named Questlove and [Guys] With Attitude are constantly evoked. The nuance pours out of Drake, so much so that it’s like he’s not even there.

This new album is a fever dream, and as I listen I look out through yellow eyes, puffing dank with jaundiced cheeks, and develop a sense of contentment. But then my mind wanders. Am I real? Is anything real, or is all reality an emphemeral joke meant to taunt us until we fade slowly, and unceasingly, into oblivion?

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually listened to this album. I looked at the song titles and kind of inferred what they would be like from there, based largely off nothing. I had not previously heard of Drake, nor his supposedly

glorious rap.

Drake is a great rap

‘n roller.