Apple Outlet offers repairs, sales

Nikita Lewis and Nikita Lewis

Residents in Bowling Green no longer have to travel out of town in order to fix their Apple products.

The Apple Outlet offers a large variety of MacBooks, iPads and iPhones for sale on sites like Craigslist and eBay.

The Apple Outlet has expanded to two locations and is opening another location in Bowling Green.

“We have our main location in BG and a second store in Findlay, Ohio,” Michael Oberdick, founder of the Apple Outlet, said. “We also are opening a store to do the exact same thing we do except for Windows PCs directly next door in BG called Computer Wholesale.”

Oberdick founded the Apple Outlet in 2013 as a small reseller of pre-owned Apple laptops on eBay.

“Apple Outlet started from buying broken and used devices on eBay out of my bedroom in 2013,” Oberdick said. “After a few months, I had started making connections to buy off lease bulk Apple laptops and things took off from there.”

Currently, the Apple Outlet also sells iPhone and iPads.

Oberdick has an extensive background in Apple products and software.

“I did not go to college, everything is self taught,” Oberdick said. “I currently have over 25 Apple and Microsoft certifications.”

In order for the Apple Outlet to be successful, Oberdick has a full staff that assists in running his business.

Matthew Loar, director of technology, Deb Wireman, director of training, Chris Kervick, inventory director and specialists Tom, Ronald, David and Andrew are staff members at the Apple Outlet.

“Wilson Usman is over web development and Jacob Parr does graphic designing and marketing,” he said.

Oberdick expects locals to come to the Apple Outlet instead of the Apple Store in Toledo because the Apple Outlet is more cost effective.

“We specialize in off lease pre-owned. These devices are 100 percent capable of most task users need at a fraction of the cost,” Oberdick said. “We also have the most cost effective repair system in the area, providing Mac repairs and iPhone/iPad screen repairs.”

Although the Apple Outlet has competitors such as Ziggabyte and the Apple Store, Oberdick does not use many advertising strategies to draw in customers, instead using word of mouth and great customer service.

“We do some small amounts of advertising but most of our brand awareness has come from word of mouth,” Oberdick said. “We have found that by simply taking care of everyone as best as possible and treating them as family has people telling many others about us.”