Freddie and Frieda revealed at Saturday’s basketball games


Freddie and Frieda

The mysterious faces behind everybody’s favorite mascots, Freddie and Frieda, have been revealed.

Saturday, fans packed the Stroh during both the women’s basketball game against Toledo and the men’s game against Akron, waiting for the halftime reveals of the mascots.

During the first revealing, senior Landon Watts and junior Maren Legg were revealed as Freddie

and Frieda.

Both were overwhelmed with joy to finally reveal themselves to their friends and family. Watts, who was Freddie, described the revealing as the best feeling in the world.

“You get one secret keeper and that’s the one who pushed me through,” Watts said, who chose his Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity president and roommate, Adam Black, as the one to keep his secret. “Eventually you run out of things to lie about to people and you just learn to find new ways to keep the secret hidden.”

Frieda Falcon, Legg, felt similar when it came to the difficulty of keeping her mascot identity a secret. However, both agree it was unbelievably worth it.

“I grew up in Bowling Green and I love this University with my whole heart. I couldn’t think of a better way to give back to BG than being Frieda,” said Legg, who chose her parents to be her secret keepers. “Being from BG, I was able to lie to my friends and tell them I was home when really I was out doing events.”

At the next revealing, which took place at the men’s basketball game later that night, junior Katie Magnacca and senior Alex Koons were revealed as the other pair of Freddie and Friedas at halftime.

“The hardest part was keeping it from my friends,” said Magnacca, who was involved in Bikes for Tikes and is a member of Delta Gamma. “They were relentless and towards the end they were constantly asking me where I was going and why I was so sweaty, but being here today I know that every lie I told was so worth it.”

Koons, who was revealed as Freddie Falcon, was not only a mascot but also a member of the BGSU cheerleading team. The team was able to keep Koons’ mascot identity a secret amongst the team.

“I’ve always had a passion for spirit and love BG and the community,” Koons said. “Once you have a passion and care about the tradition of the mascots so much, it’s easier to keep it a secret.”

All four mascots will continue being Freddie and Frieda at the events for this year, now with their peers finally knowing who is under the masks.