Students can work with advisors to making studying abroad easier

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This past Thursday, the University’s Education Abroad Office held a panel for all prospective students who want to study abroad.

The University provides any opportunities for students to learn abroad, from the University’s own programs, to affiliate programs that team up with colleges.

Jennica Betsch, a senior International Studies and French major, facilitated the panel to discuss how specific credits will transfer over to a University degree.

“That’s a major concern for people (when) they want to study abroad, they want to make sure that it keeps them on track for graduation,” she said.

Betsch studied abroad last year, as required of her degree, in the south of France.

Betsch also said that the Education Abroad advisors help talk you through the process of how credits will transfer over before you travel out of the country.

“You are assigned an advisor to sit down with you and talk you through classes,” she said. “The point of the meetings to show what will transfer on your degree.”

The panel also covered great benefits to studying abroad.

Betsch said that it improves cross-cultural communication skills and to even study abroad just for the experience.

“It’s just enjoyable,” she said.

For more information about studying abroad, contact the Education Abroad office at [email protected]