Falcons take down Ohio 62-24

The Falcons went up against the final MAC East Division opponent in Ohio University on Wednesday night and took a win 62-24 over the Bobcats.

Bowling Green’s offense appeared to get off to a slower start than usual, but Travis Greene’s ground game and Roger Lewis’ ability to get past Ohio’s primary corner were able to put up two touchdowns on the board before the end of the first quarter while holding Ohio to only one score.

“The big thing was when Roger Lewis ran by their best corner. If he could run past their best corner it’s going to be a long day,” said head coach Dino Babers. “We got excited because it was their shutdown corner.”

The Falcon’s defense was consistent throughout the game, as Ohio had a 14 play drive to even the score and they were able to hold them to that score for the remainder of the half.

“It really helps when the team is one dimensional,” safety Denard Turner said. “We get the defense now, we’re not all the way there but it’s better than what it was.”

Ronnie Moore and Gehrig Dieter were able to add points onto the board making the score 27-14 at the half.

“Our halftime speech was that we had to go out to get stops and get points on the board.” Babers said.

Bowling Green was able to pick up the pace as Matt Johnson hit a 75 yard pass to Dieter for an early touchdown in the third quarter.

“They do a nice job with battling and we take pride with that,” Babers said. “When we are in tight coverage Matt throws such a catchable ball and the location is almost always where you want it. He is just dropping dimes and a lot deep balls.”

In the next Bobcat drive, Turner was able to intercept the ball at the Bowling Green 15 yard line and scored for the Falcons, pushing the score 41-14.

“The drive after halftime is when we really put our feet down and our defense got a stop and we came out to score,” Johnson said. “When we got that lead it felt that we had it under control, the defense was starting to understand the. We made a lot of adjustments at halftime and really let the tempo work to our advantage. It really felt that we got flowing in the second half.”

Roger Lewis was able to score again ending the third quarter 48-17.

Johnson completed 26 of the passes throughout the game, sending four touchdowns over 365 yards. Johnson’s performance throughout the season has put him in local conversation for the Heisman award, as he has had six games so far in which he has passed for over 400 yards.

“We really try to take it one step at the time, focus on the opponent. At the end of the day it is all about us and what we do for the family,” Johnson said. “We’re not out to set records or break what we did last week. If it happens it happens, but it is not a goal of ours.”

The Falcons step in the MAC West division for their next game against Western Michigan. If they win any of their next three games then Bowling Green will take the crown in the MAC East Division.

“We have three west opponents coming up. If they’re supposed to be the best teams in the division then we’re going to find out what we’re made of,” Johnson said. “Our attention is on Western and getting the job done up there.”

The Orange and Brown are currently 7-2, 5-0 in the MAC and will travel to play against the Western Michigan Broncos, who are 6-3, on Wednesday, November 11.