Revisions to academic honesty policy, tobacco-free campus discussed at USG

At Monday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting, the Academic Honesty Policy and the Ohio Student Government Association were discussed.

The Actademic Honesty Policy outlines what is considered cheating or plagerism by the University. The complete policy can be found on the University’s website.

This policy states what would be considered to be academic dishonesty as well as what would happen if a case of academic dishonesty were to occur.

This was brought up during the meeting because members of USG came together with members of Faculty Senate to give suggestions of what they would like to see included with the policy.

USG also gets to sit in on Faculty Senate meetings, as Faculty Senate has representatives from all different organizations on campus, including USG, the Graduate Student Government, and each academic college on campus. This can aid faculty in becoming aware of what students are thinking.

Two suggestions brought up were providing mentors for those who want to file an appeal for infractions of the policy and making appeals more of an appeal by a jury

The purpose of this policy would be to educate students who have committed academic dishonesty to prevent further infractions, as well as to prevent academic dishonesty from happening in the first place.

Members of USG members also spoke with members of the Ohio Student Government Association about the idea of being a tobacco-free campus.

Victor Senn, USG president, said that members of USG discussed with other universities the possiblity of the University becoming tobacco-free.

USG hoped to gain feedback and advice to use throughout the process of making our campus tobacco free. They asked other universities how the process of becoming tobacco-free worked for them, how they passed the initiative, how it was implemented on campus, and what challenges were faced, among other things.

Senn said that it was very important for USG to be involved in these discussions because they get to play a big role in the decision to make, or not to make, the University’s campus tobacco-free.