Language workshop reaches beyond University students

By Nikita Lewis and By Nikita Lewis

People who are interested in learning a foreign language will have an opportunity this semester because of Language Services Group.

LSG is a University organization that offers services such as translating and interpreting foreign languages, cross-cultural consulting and language courses.

LSG will present its seventh language workshop on Oct. 19 through Nov. 20. According to the LSG website, “Experienced and enthusiastic workshop leaders will conduct five, weekly sessions including essential knowledge of language and culture for work and travel overseas on business or please, and hosting people from other countries.”

Participants will have the option to choose from seven languages, including Chinese, Czech, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hindi.

“Each semester we often offer another language, last year we had Polish but of course common languages like Spanish and Chinese will be taught every workshop,” said Chairman Dr. Timothy Pogacar.

Han Li, office manager of LSG and instructor of Chinese, hopes after the five week introductions courses that participants are at least familiar with greeting and being able to get around while overseas.

“After this workshop I think people would have a better understanding of the language to be able to greet someone, know directions, how to book a hotel or reservation; just a standard conversation,” said Li.

Classes will be held on the University’s main campus and also at Levis Commons.

At Levis Commons, the University has a facility that contains conference rooms that can accommodate events such as the language workshops.

“This year is our first year having classes at Levis Commons and … this is not exclusive only to students; faculty and people of the community take this class as well,” said Pogacar.

Although this program is sponsored by a University organization, a higher percentage of non-students sign up compared to students.

“I would say about ten people have registered so far and usually faculty or citizens of Bowling Green have a higher attendance than students,” said Pogacar.

Students get a discounted rate of $50; LSG is offering an early bird rate for $90 if registered by Oct. 1. After that date it is $95, and $80 if you bring a friend.

“I always take opportunity of taking a language course because I always feel like an idiot when I travel overseas and I can barely say ‘hello’; therefore, I’m thankful for LSG,” said Jackie McKenzie, resident of Bowling Green.