Future BG Perspective courses submitted, awaiting approval

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The BG Perspective committee has completed its review of course proposals for the modified BG Perspective program that will start in the fall 2015 semester.

Of the 164 proposals submitted, the committee approved 153 proposals, said Donna Nelson-Beene, director of the BGP program. Those proposals were passed to Provost Rodney Rogers for final approval. Rogers has approved 91 courses so far, if not more, Nelson-Beene said.

None of the proposals were rejected. Instead, Nelson-Beene said, some were sent back with requests to update and resubmit. As of Jan. 9, 11 of those proposals had not been resubmitted.

“It’s coming to a close, which I am thrilled about,” Nelson-Beene said about the process of reviewing courses.

The updated program will go into effect for freshmen entering next fall. Current students will not be affected.

Nelson-Beene and Rodgers have both said this version of the BGP program is meant to be more “intentional.”

Current students can choose BGP courses from a larger list. Incoming freshmen will have a smaller list of courses intended to be a good foundation for upper-level courses, Nelson-Beene said.

Those students will have to take at least 36 credit hours of BG Perspective courses. That will include one course each from English Composition and Oral Communication and Quantitative Literacy. Two courses are necessary for each of Humanities and the Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences. There are also requirements for General Studies Writing, Cultural Diversity in the United States and International Perspectives.