Religion infringes upon personal freedoms, has no place in society

By Bryan Eberly and By Bryan Eberly

Religion is poison.

Religion is a tool for those in power to stifle human ability, creativity and liberty. At the heart of every religion is the means to control a person and coerce them into being nothing more than a sheep.

It has no place in modern American society.

American society has become and continues to grow into a place for individual sovereignty. It grows more liberal every day, with ever-increasing room for each individual to live their lives by their

own accord.

America’s entire history reflects this. From the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, in which every man was deemed worthy of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, to the numerous events leading to more people having access to those rights.

Religion threatens this ideal. If you look at the tenants of every religion, you will find rules forbidding the very freedoms a liberal society guarantees.

For a very relevant example, take the recent attack in France on the magazine which published images of Muhammad. Someone was exercising their right to creativity through speech and expression and was killed for it in the name of religious zealotry.

Of course, the instant argument against this idea is that those Muslims were extremists, who decided to take it upon themselves to act on behalf of their god’s commandments. That is indeed the case.

But that says nothing against how Islam still holds the tenant that a Muslim cannot portray Muhammad [or any human being] in any form of expression.

Even in speech, certain words must be spoken after mentioning a person’s name in conversation. To not say these words

is blasphemous.

Islam isn’t the only religion that tries to control speech, either. All Abrahamic religions forbid the freedom of speech.

The Ten Commandments hold numerous rules against speech. For example, not saying God’s name in vain.

And, literally, God forbid a Christian says anything along the lines of, “I really like So-and-so’s such-and-such. I wish I had one.” That’s coveting.

All religions have rules against all manner of privileges a person may take

for granted.

Food, for example. Have you eaten a cheeseburger recently? All Abrahamic religions have a rule against mixing beef and dairy. And Hinduism forbids the consumption of beef entirely.

I don’t have enough room in this column to explore the myriad simple aspects of daily life enjoyed by the average person, which their religion could condemn and forbid. It would be a very lengthy list.

But there are literally entire books written on

the subject.

The Bible, Qu’ran, Talmud, Torah, Vetas, etc., are nothing more than rulebooks for daily living.

I would encourage you, if you are religious, to take a more serious look at your daily experiences and match them up with the rules in your particular holy book. It could be an eye-opener.

And that is my point. Life is meant to be lived and America is meant to be a place where you are able to live however you choose without barriers.

If you are like me, you care deeply about this freedom. You enjoy the room you have to grow. You enjoy the options you have

before you.

You are ready and willing to live life to its fullest and nobody is going to get in your way.

This is why I decry religion. This is why I call

it poison.

It has no place in modern society and must

be abandoned.

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