New events make life exciting, sometimes scary

Hannah Benson and Hannah Benson

Grown up life events are occurring in my life at a rapid rate and I do not know how to get them to stop.

I am entering my senior year and coming to the realization that the rest of my life is about to begin in less than a year.

Many of my friends recently graduated and have landed their first professional jobs in their chosen fields.

Last weekend marked the first wedding I attended, which was not a family member’s, but a close friend’s.

Life is happening and I am not quite sure that I am ready. In fact, I’m a little freaked out.

My time here at BG was amazing and unforgettable, but I don’t think I took full advantage of this strange time in my life.

At what other stage in a person’s life is it acceptable to act like both an adult and a child?

For example, while in college, a person can live on their own, by their own rules and yet, still be financially supported by their parents or guardians.

In addition to this shift of financial responsibility, college allows you to use the excuse of “schoolwork” for almost anything.

“Hey, do you want to hangout?” “Ah shoot! I’ve got a lot of homework.”

“Can you do me this favor?” “Once again, homework… Sorry.”

While in college, I often found myself conflicted between wanting to stay a kid, but also wanting to experience the fun things in adulthood.

While I am scared out of my mind to enter into the real adult world, and not the fabricated one I’ve been living in for four years, I am also so so so excited.

Seeing my friends graduate has been a blessing; it has given me something to look forward to.

I have seen their excitement when landing an interview, or even better, a job.

The joy on their faces when they realize they will be beginning a new adventure in their life is indescribable.

To think that in a few short months, I will hopefully be facing a new adventure myself, is daunting.

But I live for new adventures because they are what make life exciting and worth living.

This is why I am choosing to approach my final year at BGSU with this mentality.

My final adventure at this marvelous University is about to begin and I know I am going to learn so much.

The lessons I will learn in the coming year will carry me into the real world and for that, I am so excited.