Senior is grateful for time at University, looking forward to next year

Bryant Miesle and Bryant Miesle

As I begin the journey into my senior year at Bowling Green State University, I cannot help but to reflect on my time here.

BGSU has, in three short years, become a home away from home; my happy place.

There is not one defining factor that makes BGSU what it is, but rather, a culmination of many factors that make it great.

Before I begin, I should say BGSU was not initially my first choice.

Throughout my senior year of high school, I was set on attending Ohio State University.

It was far enough away from my hometown where I could branch off and reinvent myself.

However, as graduation drew closer and the deadline to apply for housing at OSU was right around the corner, my gut told me to go to BGSU.

Three years later, I could not imagine myself anywhere but here.

BGSU would not be anything without the amazing faculty and administrators.

My experiences inside the classroom have been life-changing and thought-provoking.

These educators and administrators have not only challenged me, but have helped me to learn so much more about myself.

They truly value the students and will do whatever they can to ensure success.

The organizations on campus have really defined my time at Bowling Green.

I am forever grateful for the experiences that Dance Marathon, Phi Kappa Psi, Undergraduate Student Government, and being a tour guide have given me.

Within these organizations, I have had the honor of being a part of positive changes on and off campus.

My closest friends, some of whom I consider family, have come from these very organizations listed above, while others have come from living on the third floor of Centennial hall.

Some of my favorite memories so far have come from experiences through these organizations including participating in Bike for Tikes and being a morale captain for Dance Marathon.

The friends I have made while attending BGSU will be life-long.

These people have seen me at my worst (stress-eating an entire order of Pollyeye’s breadsticks or the aftermath of my 21st birthday) and have been there to celebrate the best (supporting me during my 180-mile bike ride or getting initiated into Phi Kappa Psi).

All of these moments, good and bad, with my friends have showed me what true friendship is.

The traditions at BGSU make me fall in love with the University more and more each year.

We have the greatest mascots and spirit crew in the country.

The pride we have for the tradition regarding Freddie & Frieda and SICSIC makes our university incredibly special.

What other school can say they have special events to “behead” and unmask their mascots or spirit crew?

Along with that, I love the myths regarding the university seal. It’s great to see everyone flowing to the right side of the seal for the sake of good luck!

Various other things at BGSU, such as beautiful old campus or our crazy obsession with the squirrels (especially the albino one!) or our rivalry with Toledo, also make it the University I love.

Words will never do justice to how grateful I am for my time here at BGSU.

Three years at this amazing university has come and gone so fast, but I cannot wait to see what my senior year has in store for me.

Roll Along!