Don’t be afraid of new fashion, embrace yourself

Your day starts with what shoes you fill and what sweater matches your mood.

A simple hat, to place you above the rest and, finally, you button up that final, top, button.

Because you love yourself and it is a Wednesday.

Most people would call me ‘eccentric’ but I prefer ‘over dressed’.

Fashion is something that everyone is a part of, but only some know.

It’s like getting invited to a party over Facebook: most friends say ‘maybe’ but the real friends accept. Right away. All the time.

Sure, fashion has been portrayed as a vain hobby that only cold, rich, British women indulge in.

However, if you look past the silver screen and to the silver lining you may find that, yes, it is a chore, but updating a wardrobe is a powerful statement.

By no means do you have to follow any magazine or subscribe to a well known internet stylist.

The clothes don’t make the man, it’s the man or woman or human that is willing to go out and find the clothes.

I encourage everyone to wake up and smell the sales going on at their local mall (or thrift store.) It has been too long that we have been kept in the monotonous prison that is, ‘Mom bought this…’.

It is summer and it is the perfect time to start catching up on styles that have haunted you in your sleep because you were too afraid to go for it.

Fashion is becoming more accessible, unisex, and rules like ‘no white before memorial day’ are becoming archaic.

I remember when I bought my first button up from the men’s department.

It was a clear day and the birds were still chirping even though the Goodwill parking lot had no trees, shade, or sustenance to offer.

I rang up the multi-colored, stripped, button down with sweaty palms.

Will my friends stop wanting to watch YouTube videos with me? Will mother finally understand that I will never have a boyfriend? Can I still paint my nails with the cheap polish from Kroger and still call myself a woman? With a few ticks and one ring I was out the door and, you know what? Everything turned out just fine!

I usually shop in the men’s section when I am out looking for a new find.

The best thing about being a fashion junkie is that I can go to any section that I want and still find any article of clothing that best represents me.

What I have learned with every bold outfit I put on is this: The only difference between a ‘get-up’ and a ‘look’ is confidence and comfort.

That’s it.

The next step is to find the time to shop and understand the importance of ‘the find;’ the brilliant flash of excitement when you see the hanger with the treasure that has your name written on it.

Will you go for it? Or is it $49.99? Only time will tell and I can tell you that fashion, well, it’s everywhere.

It all starts with that one simple step.