USG gives input on safe campus act

Alyssa Alfano and Alyssa Alfano

Rape is a serious issue and one that has grown on college campuses over the past few decades.

Most universities have procedures and policies regarding sexual assault reports, for example, at BGSU a victim can file a complaint which will be investigated and resolved by the University, according to the BGSU website.

If the Safe Campus Act is passed, colleges and universities will no longer be able to investigate claims of sexual assault or punish the accused until the victim filed a report with the police.

This may not necessarily help victims who are to afraid or hurt by what happened to them to come forward. It is much less intimidating to file a complaint through the university or get the help of faculty that a victim is comfortable with.

BGSU’s Undergraduate Student Government discussed this bill over the course of several meetings to determine how they, and the student body, felt about this bill.

“Student body presidents, student affairs professionals, and greek life presidents, and greek life professionals are asking for student input because many of those parties I just mentioned are opposed to this policy,” said USG President Victor Senn.

The purpose of bringing this up for discussion among USG is that members of USG represent the student body.

They go out and talk to students to find out what people are thinking and bring those ideas and opinions back to USG.

If USG supports or doesn’t support it, it is almost safe to say that BGSU does not support it.

USG, at a recent meeting, voted that they do not support the safe campus act.

A resolution, stating that USG does not support this, was written by a member of USG and presented to the group before the vote.

USG and BGSU are not the only groups to not support this new bill.

Many universities and organizations have said that they do not support this bill and don’t want it to pass.

Many people have expressed the opinion that the bill seems to protect and help the person accused of sexual assault more than it helps the victim of the situation.

This is a common opinion among many students and bloggers. Even some reporters have included in their articles that they feel this way.

At the moment, this bill has more people standing against it than supporting it, so it is definitely important for people to get educated about this bill so that when the time comes to vote, a good decision is made.