‘Greek Sing’ competition, awards conclude ‘Greek Weekend’


Greek Sing

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The audience in the Stroh Center screamed and applauded as Greek members performed songs ranging from the Spice Girls to the Spongebob Squarepants’ theme song.

The “Greek Sing” marked the end of “Greek Weekend” festivities Sunday as Greek and non-Greek members came together to watch the musical competition.

The yearly event featured 13 teams of sorority and fraternity pairs who performed for a maximum 10 minutes to songs of their choosing. The rules also stated at least one person on each team must be lip-synching at all times.

“This is something people look forward to every year,” said presenter Brittany Hartory, marketing and public relations for Greek Sing, before the event. “The chapters all came together and work really hard for this.”

Each team picked a specific theme to dance to like “Jailbreak,” “British Invasion” and “90’s Nickelodeon.” Before the teams began their dances, the presenters announced various honors the fraternities and sororities earned. Among these recognitions were Alpha Chi Omega for raising money for St. Vincent’s Hospital, and Chi Omega which celebrated one of Greek Life’s highest Grade Point Averages.

After competing against each other all weekend in various games, Hartory said “Greek Sing” is a fun ending to a busy couple of days.

“It’s nice to see the talent that has come through,” she said. “It’s been a successful weekend and it’ll continue to grow in the future.”

Freshman Brad Lewis of Tau Kappa Epsilon said he and his team practiced for about three weeks before hitting the dance floor. After his performance that involved an inflatable shark and the “Jaws” theme song, Lewis said he was relieved.

“I didn’t want to mess up and I wanted to do well for the fraternity,” Lewis said. “We had some great choreographers in the sorority we paired up with.”

Although “Greek Sing” was the final competition in Greek Weekend, Lewis said the point was to have a good time.

“I hope everybody does well,” he said. “Everyone’s really fun in the Greek community.”

Freshman Nicole Kremperger said she is not affiliated with Greek Life, but attended the event to cheer on her Greek roommate who was performing. In the weeks leading up to “Greek Sing,” Kremperger’s roommate showed her the routine her sorority planned.

“I thought it was really neat and cool to see the other routines,” Kremperger said.

“Greek Sing” was the first Greek event Kremperger attended and she said the event made her more excited about the Greek community.

“I think I might rush next year and do things like this,” she said. “It’s a good opportunity.”

Kremperger and Lewis both noticed the sense of community the Greeks have. Before the first team began their routine, Hartory asked for a moment of silence to remember the three sorority girls who died March 2.

“We’re going to do this knowing that those we lost would want us to perform,” she said.