Festival brings more than 75 musicians to Glass City

Reporter and Reporter

The Zodiac night club in Toledo will host the first annual Glass-Stock, a two-day music festival that will bring out more than 75 local musicians to showcase their talents.

Glass-Stock got its name from a play on the well-known music festival Woodstock combined with the fact that Toledo is known as the “glass city.”

The festival, which starts Saturday at 2 p.m., brings promise of a variety of genres with all acts performing at the top of their game, as record deals are at stake for the musicians.

Eddie Ortega, promoter and organizer of the event, said he had been working with Universal Music for about a year to get the festival together, and it turned out to be bigger than he expected.

“As a promoter, I like to provide opportunities for artists, and this is an event that will benefit everyone,” Ortega said.

Universal Music has agreed to send Artists and Repertoire representatives, who are the division of a record label that scouts for new talent. The company has also said they will sign two to five acts that perform at the festival.

A number of local Bowling Green bands and artists will perform at the event.

Local band Lesson 22 will perform Saturday, and lead vocalist for the band Kevin Stoll said he was anxious to play at the Zodiac and soak in the experience.

“Since it’s a multi-genre festival, it gives us a bigger opportunity to expand our fan base because we have such a diverse style,” Stoll said.

He also said the band was hopeful about the A&R representatives from Universal talent scouting.

The Zodiac has two stages in separate areas of the venue that will host bands’ and musicians’ performances throughout the entire day. Bands will have 30 minutes to showcase their music, and other performers will have 15 minutes. The event will have lots of music and many performers during the two-day span.

“It was only going to be a one-day event, then people started contacting me about wanting to be part of it, so it turned into a two-day festival,” Ortega said.

Local artists James Legg and Mark Miller will perform at the festival as Outspoken on Sunday.

Miller said he thought the festival sounded like a great idea because it will give him the chance to do shows with people he doesn’t know, and it’s a good source of networking.

“It’s good for Toledo just because it highlights our area,” Legg said. “If someone comes from here and becomes big, it will make people wonder if there is more talent where that came from.”

Stoll agreed that this would be a great opportunity for Toledo musicians.

“I don’t really think of Toledo as a music city,” Stoll said. “If there was talent discovered in the area, it’d put it on the map.”

Ortega hopes people come to Glass-Stock to see what the area has to offer and just to listen to music.

“A lot of people say Toledo is unsupportive or unaware of local talent,” Ortega said. “This is a chance for people to come out and support local artists and see what kind of talent we have.”