Sunny days promote bright attitudes

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This week Bowling Green proved that nice weather brings out the nice in all of us.

The 70 degree weather transformed the hibernating campus into a wonderland of life and students enjoying their first real dose of vitamin D. Everybody was literally in a sunny mood.

My friends and I took full advantage of mother nature’s leniency and trekked up onto the Wolfe Center, blanket and homework in tow. We weren’t the only ones.

The basketball courts were filled with friendly competitors, people played ultimate Frisbee like they were at the Olympics and the benches were occupied with old friends using the day to catch up.

Why was it people’s attitudes exponentially increased for the better as the temperature climbed in the same direction?

Sitting on the Wolfe Center and hoping in vain the sun would tan my exposed legs, I contemplated several theories.

Vitamin D intake, perhaps. Science tells us that the neurons in our brains react positively when the sun is out and ready to greet us. Psychologists actually advise individuals suffering from depression to use the sun as a temporary picker-upper.

Maybe it’s the way the sunlight highlights the campus.

Now we can clearly see every sparkle on the surface of the pond behind the Rec Center and every weathered crevice on University Hall that is so old it’s almost beautiful.

It could be the simple break from the brutal trials and tribulations us Bowling Greenlanders call “winter.”

Instead of being physically unable to get from point A to point B because of a hurricane-force winds, we are welcomed by a soft breeze.

Now, we don’t have to worry about packing our arctic gear to get to class. Shorts and a T-shirt will suffice.

It’s probably all of the above and then some. We’re no longer cooped up. We can grab a group of friends and go for a scenic walk through the cemetery (which I highly advise) or take our social lunch outside.

Nice weather provides possibilities.

Go on a walk until we get lost? Done.

Take pictures of the tiny tree buds that will soon grow into springtime leaves? Sounds great.

There’s hardly any limitations now. Aside from outdoor ice-skating and sledding, spring weather provides a platform for basically any outdoor activity.

The real shame are those who choose not to enjoy the weather.

Those who sit in their rooms, windows firmly shut and gripe about how it’s too hot need to wake up and smell the roses.

It’s nice out! You can finally walk outside without fear of blowing away.

We all know that this weather may not last. It’s Ohio. None of us would blink an eye if a blizzard hits next week.

However, let’s take anything we can get. Bring your books outside to study.

Take a little while longer walking to class and discover that campus really is rather pretty. Realize that sun is proven to elevate your mood.

Use these nice days to enjoy spending time with your friends.

Enjoy the sun and maybe it’ll stick around.

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