Spill proof water bottle grows in popularity on campus

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For Kara Kordella, freshman University Band performer, one water bottle can make the difference in any performance.

With the help of her CamelBak water bottle, Kordella said she never has to worry about spilling her drink again.

CamelBak water bottles are specifically designed to be virtually impossible to spill. The brand, which was originated by Emergency Medical Technician and Cyclist Michael Eidson in 1989, has made activities for students like Kordella easier.

“It’s good in rehearsals because I don’t have to tip my head back to drink,” Kordella said. “I pretty much take that water bottle everywhere.”

CamelBak is unlike other water bottles because the drinker bites the bottle’s straw to sip the water, using the company’s patented silicon design, said Seth Beiden, marketing and PR manager for CamelBak.

“The valve is just the right size and seals automatically,” Beiden said. “We’ve had people say they drink more water through CamelBak because it’s effortless.”

Aside from selling their product to consumers all over the world, encouraging people to take their daily hydration seriously is one of CamelBak’s missions.

“We want to continually reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform,” Beiden said. “Whether you’re doing yoga, or you’re a mom on the go, or a mountain biker, we help you hydrate as best as possible.”

University students in particular have picked up on the CamelBak trend. The University Bookstore has sold out of the water bottles several times this year, said Annette Barton, a lead associate at the Bookstore.

“The bottles are more of a trend that gift stores carry, but the bookstore is a convenient location for students to come to,” Barton said.

The University stocks CamelBak water bottles with the BGSU logo and in a variety of colors including pink, purple, green, blue and orange. They generally cost around $19.99, Barton said.

Because Kordella has been purchasing the brand for a couple years now, she said the water bottles are money well-spent.

“A lot of kids in my high school had one, and I wanted to try it,” Kordella said. “I’ve recommended it to my friends at college before, and they’ve all liked it.”

Kordella said she especially likes one type of water bottle CamelBak offers because it fits her lifestyle.

“I love the insulated ones because it keeps my water cold for a really long time,” Kordella said.

Beiden said he has a few theories as to why the brand is so popular among University students. He said professors who normally don’t allow water in the classrooms might feel more inclined to allow CamelBak because of its patented spill-proof feature, and professors would want their students to get their daily intake of water.

“We make water taste better for students,” Beiden said. “One of our strategies is to be a hydration expert.”

Beiden said students may purchase the bottle because of its unique drinking technology and hydration initiatives.

“I like to think college kids are ahead of the curve,” Beiden said. “They know you perform better when you’re hydrated.”